Wolf Island GA- A Bird Lovers Paradise


Wolf Island Refuge

American oystercatchers at Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge, GA. Credit: Brad Winn-Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Things you can do and see on Wolf Island Georgia

Wolf Island GA is situated in McIntosh county,  located around 12 miles off the Darien Coast. The Island is a breathtaking Island where wilderness is maintained to establish a place for protecting migratory birds and such endangered species as piping plover, loggerhead and sea turtles.


You can see some beautiful things on Wolf Island GA such as  big nests hanging to trees, variety of birds and extensive fields. You can see a lot of things on Wolf Island but at your own risk.
Fishing is another activity people love to do at Wolf Island GA. After you are permitted for fishing, you can go to the water surrounding the island where you can find plenty of different types of fish ranging from Muskellunge, Walleye, pike to Small Mouth Bass.
Whether you want to go for one day or stay overnight, this island is not going loose its charm. You can frequently have a look at some snowy owls. Not only can you find amazing and unique animals and birds but the rare plants and trees can catch your sight that you might never have seen anywhere else throughout your entire life.

How to reach Wolf Island GA

The only way to reach Wolf Island is by boat. You should be able to find a charter in nearby Darien. There are not any facilities in the island due to its wilderness preserved status. More than seventy-five percent of the land consists of salt water marsh.
Wolf Island along with Egg and little egg islands is maintained to preserve a place for birds and animals. Though certain areas such as uplands are prohibited for public yet Island’s saltwater can be used for crabbing and fishing.

If you ever had the chance to visit the island area, do not forget to take your cameras.