St Simons Island


Come and discover Enchanting St Simons island Georgia

Many people seem to think that only Florida has great beaches. This misleading belief often prevents people from discovering Georgia’s southern coastline, and in particular St Simons Island Georgia.

St Simons is the largest of the barrier islands located on Georgia’s southern Atlantic Coast. It is easily accessible by car via the FJ Torras Causeway. The island is located across the marshes of Glynn.

Getting around on St Simons Island Georgia

One can visit St Simons Island anytime because of the year round warm weather. The island can be toured by renting a bike, by car or take a Trolley tour.

The Beaches on St Simons island Georgia

The beaches on this island are unspoiled and their natural beauty has been preserved for decades.

St Simons Island Georgia offers miles of soft sandy beaches with pristine turquoise blue waters with some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country.

Unlike most beaches, the State of Georgia has managed to preserve the ecosystem on St Simons Island Georgia allowing tourists to see the best of nature.

The beaches cater to people of all ages and offer a variety of recreational activities including kayaking, windsurfing, and catamarans. If you are lucky you will get to see the playful dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of seabirds.

For relaxation and a tan, just go to East Beach where you can walk along the shore, sand bike or just fly a kite.

On land, there are bicycle trails, kite-surfing, beach volleyball and even an indoors recreational arena.

Away from the beach area are the island’s quaint villages, which still retain the charm of yesteryear and offer an assortment of dining options.

Historical sites

Some of the historical sites of note include the St Simons Lighthouse Museum, the Bloody Marsh Battle Site and Fort Frederica National Monument. At the Maritime Center you can catch a glimpse of the history of maritime warfare.


If you love fishing, just rent a fishing charter. All around the island you are likely to catch snapper, cobia, skip-jacks and of course the red fish. There is also deep sea fishing or kayaking on the tranquil waters along the islands marshes.


One very common reason why St Simons Island is well known is because of its fabulous world class golf courses. Some of the top golf courses include the Sea Palms Golf Club, the Sea Islands Golf Club, and the King and Prince Golf course. Each one of the golf courses is different and offers spectacular scenery.


St Simons Island has ample accommodation to suit all budgets. The best time of the year to visit is Spring or autumn.

During the summer, it can be crowded and congested but if you are a people person and love the sun, this is the perfect place to visit.