St Marys GA- The Gateway to Cumberland-Island


St Marys Georgia-known as the Gateway to Cumberland-island

Whenever you think of rich heritage, culture and memorable outdoor adventure, think of visiting St Marys GA. St Marys is a place to be, whether for your vacation, wedding party or a girlfriend getaways.

St Marys GA offers tremendous hospitality and is the gateway to Cumberland Island; Georgia,s biggest and southernmost barrier Island. The great hospitality offered by St Marys will make you live like the locals and explore the streets of this historic island. You can have an excursion on the St Marys River and enjoy cycling, golf, fishing, kayaking etc. From the St Marys waterfall, you can easily catch a ferry to Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Georgia. An Island where you can see wild horses, armadillos, and deer roaming freely. An Island of vast ecological systems, sand dunes, salt marshes, dense forests and loggerhead sea turtles. If you are seeking for where to capture and appreciate a true beach wilderness, then visit St Marys and invariably take a ferry to Cumberland Island. You need to visit this serene, quaint and fascinating place; St Marys. It is a captivating coastal community that offers a memorable adventure.

You need to experience the historic natural blending charm and hospitality with the beautiful and natural treasures that abound her waterfront. St Marys GA undoubtedly is an allure of history, romance, and tranquility. No wonder, some regard her as “jewel in the crown” of the Colonial Coast.

Some of the Historic District treasures that will make your visit to St Marys GA  adventurous include the St. Marys Welcome Center, St. Marys Film Museum, Orange Hall House Museum, the Toonerville Trolley, the Oak Grove Cemetery, the Georgia Radio Museum & Hall of Fame, St. Marys Submarine Museum (mainly for military buffs who are fascinated by undersea adventures, so you are one of the military buffs, you cannot afford to miss the St. Marys Submarine Museum. This museum will open your eyes, and you will learn more how these military underwater machines work). Never forget that St. Marys remains the home for Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Are you still thinking or contemplating of paying a visit to St Marys? It is time to partake to the natural aura offered at St. Marys and the memorable adventure she will encounter. Visit today and you will never regret it.