Savannah Segway Tours


Savannah Segway Tours

Savannah Segway tours afford visitors endless opportunities to have fun and learn something at the same time.

Many guided tours are offered in and around Savannah and these tours can provide visitors with valuable experience.

The Historic Savannah Segway Tour

The Historic Savannah Segway Tour is an hour-long tour guided by a knowledgeable local.

During the tour, participants are told the story of Savannah’s beginnings, when it was the 13th Colony, and how it became the city its residents now know and love.

The Segway tour of the Bonaventure Cemetery

Not for the faint of heart, visitors to Savannah can also embark on the Segway Tour of the Bonaventure Cemetery. This 90 minute tour gives participants a glimpse into the area’s representation of Southern Goth styles.

In addition to the impressive architecture the cemetery is also the final resting place of various famous names.

The Segway Movie Tour

Movie buffs will want to make it a point to participate in the Segway Movie Tour. This hour long tour takes participants to several of the sites where noteworthy scenes have been filmed for many box office releases.

Savannah has been the site of many movie scenes filming as far back as 1915. One of the stops on the tour includes the area where Forrest Gump filmed Tom Hanks sitting on a bench comparing life to a box of chocolates. During that scene Gump was waiting to board a bus that would take him to Savannah’s Henry Street, where Gump’s friend Jenny lived.

Another of the tour stops is where Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid filmed the Something To Talk About Scene in which she catches him cheating on her. The tour also includes behind of the scenes stories of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

These are just a few of the Savannah Segway tours that visitors can expect to enjoy throughout Savannah.

Each one of them gives tourists a feel for the vibe and the environment that they find themselves in.

Savannah segway tours
tourists on segways, they're hearing about how the house across the street is haunted. Photo taken by Jo Guldi (flickr)

The best way to experience Savannah is by taking a tour and visiting its many attractions


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Bonaventure Cemetery
Bonaventure Cemetery. Photo by bp6316 (flickr)

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