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Take a tour of Savannah's Darkside

Some say, Savannah, Georgia is the most haunted town in America. There are homes, cemeteries, and even restaurants that are believed to be haunted. This leads to there being several Savannah Georgia ghost tours . Some are by foot, some have transportation, but all provide frightful seeing. Here are some of the Savannah Georgia ghost tours available.

As the most haunted cities in America, Savannah Georgia ghost tours will share with you some of the ghastly details pertaining to the many haunted locations found in Savannah. There are homes where murders have left disturbed energies to be experienced. There are Civil War era locations, hospitals, and cemeteries, that are inhabited by those who refuse to rest in peace or cannot rest in peace. There are the souls of those traded as slaves and those souls that just haunt the living for whatever reason.

 The 250-year-old Pirates’s House haunted story

The Pirate’s House sits above a tunnel system that connects its basement to the river. Today it is a restaurant where it is said a sailor from yesteryear floats from table to table, unable to rest after a lifetime of servitude apron ships. You see, many a sailor drunk himself unconscious only to have been dragged down to the basement by bloodthirsty pirates. The sailors would wake up already downriver and lost to a life of serving pirates never making it back to Savannah alive. Then there is the Moon River Brewing Company. Built in 1821, for a while this building was a hospital during the Civil War. Hundreds of men, women, and children died of yellow fever in this building. It is not surprising that many poltergeists have been spotted there. A malicious spirit dubbed Toby taunts anyone brave enough to visit the basement. While upstairs a spirit name Mrs. Johnson causes trouble of her own.

Are you brave enough to take one of the many Savannah Georgia Ghost tours?

Paranormal Tours

On the Savannah paranormal investigation tour, you have a choice of two options. Their tours are centered on the Sorrel-Weed House and Carriage House. These tours invite you to bring your own paranormal equipment along. They let you see what they have on their infrared camera and an EMF detector. In the second option, you get to take a haunted stroll around Savannah.

“Patrick was an awesome tour guy! I’ve been on three other ghost tours and this was by far the best tour. Lots of great audio and stories.” said Roxyjean of Chicago. Visited September 2016

Ghost and Gravestones Tour

The Ghost and Gravestones Tour, a frightful seeing tour advertises “You never know what you might encounter on the streets and squares of America’s most haunted city.” Take a ride on the old town trolley to places such as the Pirate House and the Gribble House. Your Gravedigger host shares tales of Savanna’s historical spooky past.

“Great tour, Very fun tour full of stories and history. It was very cool to get to go into two different buildings. Not too scary, so this is a good option for families! ” says Jessicalynnes32 Washington, NJ

Ghost City Tours of Savannah Georgia

Ghost City Tours offer four tours. They have both tours for all ages and tours for adults only. Their tour guides have backgrounds in theater and the paranormal. You will walk the streets and squares of Savannah and see up close the most haunted houses and secretly haunted spots known. The Grave Tales ghost tour is great for history buffs and the guides for all their tours only use real researched facts. Nothing is made up.

Noble Jones walking tour Deeper Into Evil

Take the Noble Jones walking tour Deeper Into Midnight. Walk the path of those involved in the true story “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. Your tour guide will take you into the web of intrigue and reveal facts you never knew.

Definitely recommend it!” Excellent ghost tour. Nicodemus was funny, entertaining and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend it. Great way to see the city.” Says Shaun

Afterlife tours

If it is the paranormal you are really looking for, try the Afterlife Tours. The tour guides have researched and discovered evidence to present first-hand along with the facts to back up what they share. Tour guide Ryan is a favorite. This is a walking tour with glowing reviews about how spooktacular the tour is. There is also audio and video footage taken by the guides themselves.

Fun, Informative and Spooky!!”  Melissa B Birmingham, Alabama

Ghost Walking Tours

One of Ghost Walkers‘ tour guides, Patrick McDonald, is a favorite. The tour is limited to 10 guests and depending on what the guests want the tour may last longer than the 90 minutes advertised. Many haunted sites are visited during this history filled walking tour. The guides keep this tour spooky and entertaining by introducing their guests to real facts in real locations about real people.

Best ghost tour in Savannah” This is the best ghost tour I’ve ever had in Savannah. Patrick really knows his stuff. Really flexible with booking. We had to reschedule twice in a few days, & they were able to accommodate us. Duluth, Georgia

This is just a taste of the Savannah Georgia Ghost tours. Take one and learn for yourself what it is all about. Ride a hearse on the Hearst Tours, or take a trolley with a Gravedigger host, or walk in order to get really close to the haunted sites. Visit homes, buildings, cemeteries, and restaurants to meet the ghosts and ghouls who inhabit this beautiful city that becomes extra special when the sun goes down. Experience the creepy and the haunted ghouls and ghosts of long ago who just can’t rest in peace. Then sleep, if you can…

Sealed off tunnel in rum cellar – Picture of The Pirates’ House
Savannah Ghosts Paranormal Investigation Tour: Patrick Burns

The best way to experience Savannah is by taking a tour and visiting its many attractions


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Take a walk on the spooky side-Savannah Ghost Walking Tour
Are you scared of Ghosts-take the ghost tour in Savannah Georgia

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