Paddle boarding lessons on Tybee Island


Paddle boarding lessons on Tybee Island

My wife and I took paddle boarding lessons from Cathy with East Coast Paddle Boarding. Cathy works at a place that is the first and only dedicated stand up paddleboard outfitter and paddleboarding school in Savannah and Tybee Island.

When first coming out on the waters you may feel intimidated and not certain as to what will happen. The paddle boarding lessons were fun. Most people will be up and standing on the board in just a few minutes. I think I am not “most people” though. LOL I was not able to get up and stay up on the board. It was fun trying, but no luck for me. With some basic equipment and; a little helpful advice mixed with some encouragement you will be looking down at the fish in no time and paddling away – at least my wife did.

Taking paddle boarding lessons from Cathy was great! Cathy was a wealth of information. I learned that stand up paddle boarding is an offshoot sport stemming from surfing. Surfers are able to paddle further into the ocean with paddle standing. This act became a sport all to itself and here we were out on the water learning it. As per Cathy, the best stability is to learn the basics on a flat body of water. We were in a perfect setting while on Tybee Island. I felt pretty comfortable in the water as there wasn’t a lot of water traffic. We also were not out too far and in a shallow area to where when I did fall I was still safe.

My wife was a star! Since I couldn’t seem to stand up I took good notes from Cathy. Her advice was spot on for my wife: keep your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Easy enough, I thought. I remember Cathy’s instructions: once you have gained balance, then take a long stroke. Make certain not to lean on the paddle but maintain your balance. Your back muscles will do the work at this point, but your core will be engaged throughout. My wife reports that it did not feel like a workout.

My wife and Cathy paddle boarded over to Little Tybee Island. As for me, hell, I couldn’t even stand up on the stupid board. lol Definitely we will have some memories from laughing at me trying to stay on the board. It didn’t take away from the fun though. Cathy was a big help and very informative. I could tell she had a deep respect for the water and a passion about what she was doing. Everyone should have a teacher like her so that they will also have a memorable experience.

I am glad to have been introduced to the sport with her as the teacher. My wife is now able to stand up fairly easily and was on her way to enjoying some cool breezes on the water. I loved watching her enjoy herself as she paddled along. We will certainly go again for me to try again and for my wife to enjoy being so free going over the water.

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Paddle boarding lessons on Tybee island Ga
This was taken on on the back river beach Tybee Island Ga. So beautiful Not me lol The beach and island July 10 2016


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East coast paddle boarding lessons on Tybee island
That's my wife out front and me behind her. That's as far as I got and never could stand up Hey I don't swim and I have a fear of water, it's easy to be brave when buying the lessons online lol.The instructor (Cathy) was impressed with my wife and it was my wife's first time