Discover the Charming Historic City of Savannah


The city of Savannah is called one of the most beautiful cities in the USA

The city of Savannah is located in the southeastern United States, in the State of Georgia. It is part of Chatham County, and it is the center of residence. Savannah is also called one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.

A chic town and full of vitality, pulsing with history and art, it is the first colonial city in Georgia, established by the British in 1733. The Savannah College of Art that you will not be accepted into unless you back a serious portfolio.

The Savannah College of Art is located here, students are not accepted unless they have a serious portfolio.

City of Savannah-Hollywood of the South

Savannah’s photogenic side has long served as a popular backdrop for movies. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was filmed in the Historic District in 1997, and two years later The General’s Daughter was shot at Wormsloe Plantation.

The bench on which Forrest Gump seizes anyone who’ll listen, stood on the north side of Chippewa Square.  If you want to sit and ponder exactly how much like a box of chocolate life is, you’ll find the seats  within the garden square itself. The actual bench now resides in the Savannah History Museum.

Debi’s Restaurant in the city of Savannah is where Jenny worked as a diner waitress in the movie. It’s a functioning eatery off Wright Square that serves Southern cooking; it has to be  visited, it surely adds more interest because Forrest Gump was filmed there.

Miley Cyrus visited the city of Savannah too, while on location in Tybee Island (a quirky beach town on the Atlantic coast some 20 minutes from downtown Savannah) filming the adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel, The Last Song. It follows the story of a troubled teen and her estranged father and the summer they spend reconnecting.

The Legend of The Pirates' House

Savannah’s popular Pirates’ House is listed as one of the most famous places in Georgia. Here, the first experimental garden is located, Trustees Garden. Botanists were shipped from England to the four corners of the world to procure plants for the new project, and soon vine cuttings, fruit trees, and many others were taking part of the Savannah River.

The Captain’s Room with its hand-hewed ceiling beams joined with wood pegs; agreements were made by shorthanded ships masters to Shanghai careless sailors to complete their crews. Tales continue with a tunnel extending from the Old Rum Cellar beneath the Captain’s Room.

A Savannah law-enforcement officer, as the legend says it, stopped by The Pirates’ House for a pleasant drink and awoke on a four-masted ship sailing to China from where it took him two years to make his way back to Savannah.

When in the City of Savannah

You will know that you are in the city of Savannah. The city’s character has grown over time by looking at it’s culture, honoring and admiring it, then cultivating change to achieve it’s dreams.

The tangled, twisting trees have seen this shift but rest firmly  in the community’s past. If all could speak, these trees would shape remarkable tales of Savannah’s past.

Savannah is where you’ll find amazing architecture, spooky cemeteries, and rich history along with global sophistication, funky nightlife, and fabulous food. It’s where history resonates into the present day, and where memories are still being made.

Visit the city of Savannah as often as you can and make beautiful memories.

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Upcoming Events in Savannah

Oglethorpe Street Savannah Georgia
Oglethorpe Street Savannah Georgia. Photo by Miguel Vieira (Flickr)
City Hall -- 2 East Bay Street Savannah (GA)
City Hall -- 2 East Bay Street Savannah GA. Photo courtesy of Ron Cogswell on Flickr
Savannah Lafayette Square

The best way to experience Savannah is by taking a tour and visiting its many attractions


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River Street City of Savannah
River Street on a early Saturday morning
Cargo ship leaving port of City of Savannah
Wife and I went for a morning jog along river street and saw this cargo ship leaving port. Amazing sight. There were 2 crew members on deck taking photos as they were leaving port. I tried waving at them but guess they didn’t see me

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