6 Must Visit Tybee Island Bars


6 Must Visit Tybee Island Bars for your next Trip to Tybee Island

Looking for some excitement after the sun goes down. Its party time at these top 6 Tybee Island bars. Dancing, live music and great times!

#1 on the list of Tybee Island bars is The Tybee Island Social Club

“Great island vibe, very chill atmosphere and wonderful food!” writes Jake D. of Asheville, NC. Tybee Island Social Club is the recent brain child of Sarah and Kurtis Schumm. Kurtis is a Gibson Guitars sponsored singer-songwriter, and Sarah owns an interior design shop in downtown Savannah. After noticing an unnatural deficiency in upscale social beach bars, the two decided to open their own in 2010. They put together a pretty menu of made from scratch items; the manchego skillet and fish tacos are local favorites. And of course, Sarah designed the interior to perfection. By 2014, TISC had been named one of the 10 best bars in Georgia by Georgia Trend.

As a social club, TISC strives to have a performance every day. There is a blackboard on the wall advertising bluegrass brunches, tiki nights, and open mics. While you soak in the culture, treat yourself to some of the most distinguished cocktails in the state. Personally, I can’t go wrong with a “Dark & Stormy”, but I admit “The Best Smoked Vodka Bacon Bloody Mary Ever” does have me intrigued.  Bottom line, this place is accessibly swank. The classy decor is both functional and comfortable. Best of all, it’s right across the street from the beach!

#2 on the list of Tybee islands bars is Huc a Poos

“I will be very hard pressed if I ever locate another bar in the world that comes close to matching Huc a Poos on the awesome meter!” writes Florida native Bobby M. Huc a Poos truly is a one of a kind Georgia experience.  From the outside, many would confuse it with a dilapidated shack. Once you’re inside, you realize that’s exactly what it is, but they serve pizza and beer! The walls are covered with vintage license plates and old rusty buoys, there is even a Starbucks sign, but the atmosphere doesn’t feel forced like a chain restaurant.  It looks like the collectibles drifted their way here, and knew they wouldn’t find a better place to stay.

I called the store to refresh myself on their happy hour policy. “We’re always happy here.” said the bartender. What does that mean? It means $2 beers and $3 well drinks all day! Besides serving over 15 on tap beers, and the rail drinks, Huc A Poos is famous in Georgia for it’s delicious 18’’ pizza. You can build your own, or select from 13 of the house specialties which include “The Hot Tamale” and “The Team Banana”. At $4 a slice, and $15 for the whole pie, Huc A Poos maintains affordability. When you consider the atmosphere, the product, and the price point, it’s no wonder Huc A Poos is a local favorite on Tybee!

#3 on the List of Tybee Island Bars is Tybee Time Sports Bar

“Best frozen daiquiris ever!!!” writes Savannah local Lauren R. When you think of a sports bar, you don’t usually think of daiquiris, but boy oh boy are people raving about these. One Yelp user laments about his mother dragging him to the bar every time they visit; if your mother is forcing you to go to a sports bar, that’s a good daiquiri. Tybee Time Sports Bar is just a fun place. There is plenty of music and live dancing for every group’s party animal.

In addition to 10 flavors of frozen daiquiris, Tybee Time also has the biggest wall of booze you can find on the island. TTSB has a happy hour everyday from 4-7 where you can get $3 well drinks and $2 domestic bottles. For the optimal experience, drop in at 6pm for a few, then grab a daiquiri to go. Take ten steps outside the bar and you’re on the beach watching the sunset! Ah, the end of another perfect day in Tybee.

On down the list at #4 of Tybee island bars is Fannies on the Beach

“Fannies is the only restaurant that has three stories that overlook the water,” writes Angela C, and she’s right. Nothing makes you feel like a king like being above everybody, and Tybee Island is even more beautiful when you can see all of it. On each deck of Fannies on the Beach you will find a full bar, gourmet pizzas, fried seafood, and friendly as hell staff (say hi to Michaela for me). This is a great bar to hit midafternoon to get out of the sun, or at the brink of night to watch it set. There is live music and a performance every night. If that’s not your thing, you can always move up a story.


At #5 on the list of Tybee Island Bars is good ole Bernie’s Oyster House

“Walked in here after a morning on the beach, enjoyed a cold beer and AMAZING oysters!” raves Melinda L. from Kentucky. Listen, if you’re visiting Tybee Island, do yourself a favor and get some seafood. Luckily, Bernie’s Oyster House has you covered.  They’ve got all the Southern favorites from Po’ Boys to baskets, to platters. And of course, they serve drinks. You can get all the classics, margaritas, daiquiris, sex on the beach, even a frozen white Russian.

Aesthetically, Bernie’s keeps it simple. It has the same low ceiling and wooden interior you will come to expect in Tybee, but they keep the place clean. There’s also a patio area. The bar goes above and beyond with live music and events. Recently they had an LGBT night decked to the rafters, a Disney dress up night, and a burlesque review. It’s the perfect spot for families; date nights and beach bar hopping!

And Last but not least on our list of Tybee Island Bars is The Sand Bar at #6

“At 3AM there was a fight that almost broke out,” reports Eamonn M. of Monroe, NY. Look, every beach town needs a dive bar that has a “$2 Jello Shot” sign in the window, and you won’t find one better than The Sand Bar. Unfortunately for thrill seekers, fights might be an anomaly, but it’s got everything else a dive bar needs. It’s got a pool table, chill bartenders, table dancing, and smells like a deep fried ashtray. But come on, sometimes on vacation you need to live like the locals.

Happy hour is weekdays from 4-7 pm. Live music is played usually 3-4 times a week. The inside is unusually colorful. Bright red chairs play well against striking island blue walls. It has a tiki feel for sure. The bar food is traditional. You can get chicken fingers or even a bratwurst. Overall, it’s not the best place to take a family. But if you and your group have already hit several Tybee Island bars, it’s the perfect spot to end the night.


Enjoy a Hurricane at The tybee island Social club


Having a good time at Tybee Time Sports Bar


Rocky Horrow Show theme nite at fannies on the Beach


They look like they are having fun at Bernie’s Oyster bar


The Sand Bar welcomes you