10 Things to do on Jekyll Island


10 Things to do on Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is located in the state of Georgia, in Glynn County. The Island is a fantastic vacation place to spend with your family since it provides a restful environment. Vacations should be fun, and should help people create great unforgettable memories.

Below are things to do on Jekyll Island for great memories and an great experience.

Tidelands Nature Center

One can visit the Tidelands Nature Center and experience a variety of nature activities like  touching fauna; and flora, learning about the swimming life of sharks, hiking through the natural woodlands or take a guided kayak trip around Jekyll Island.

Driftwood Beach

One can spend time on Driftwood beach located on the northeast side of Jekyll Island which is populated with sea-washed trees making it a unique and majestic place. This is a very popular beach for Photoshoots.

Sea Turtle Center

The Sea Turtle Center is a unique rescue & rehabilitation center to learn about the sea turtles that visit the coast. This activity is mostly loved by kids because they get the opportunity to attend turtle camps, visit the sick turtles in hospitals, and attend turtle release events where staff releases turtles to the sea and lastly, learn why the turtles are there.

Maritime Forests

Take guided nature walks in the Maritime Forest, and learn its relation with the beach, ocean, marshland ecosystems, and dunes.

For people who hate walking, they can take a Segway tour while riding a stylish gyroscopic Segway.

Old-fashioned Putt-Putt at Jekyll Island Miniature Golf

This is a miniature golf course, with fairy houses and a windmill. It comes with Two courses, one for  beginners and another one which is more challenging. Jekyll Island Miniature Golf is located on the corner of Beach view Drive and Shell Road.

Horton Pond

This is an observation deck located at the northern end of Jekyll Island. One can enjoy the  fantastic view of alligators and turtles basking in the center of the pond. The Horton pond also has a small island which provides a habitat for wading birds. This is a good way to spend an afternoon, especially in warm weather.

Jekyll Island Salon and Spa

Jekyll Island has an exceptional spa, Jekyll Island Salon and Spa in the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. This spa is customer oriented and will give you a King or Queen like treatment from the minute you step in. The employees are courteous and professional.

Summer Waves Water Park.

Summer Waves Water Park is an exciting and peaceful family attraction which has clean surroundings, fantastic views, and refreshing waters to relax in on hot days. The park has a unique pool for young children and toddlers. The pool has a thrilling pirate passage which brings so much fun and special memories for both adults and children.

Jekyll Island Museum

Jekyll Island Museum offers free lessons to explain the role of the Federal Reserve and the Wanderer, which was the last ship to bring in slaves to America in 1858. The museum also has a shop where one can buy unique stuff from different cultures.

This of course, is not a complete list of things to do on Jekyll island but are some suggestions. Go and explore Jekyll Island and have a great time!

Tidelands Nature Center Boat Launch
driftwood beach jekyll island Ga

Driftwood beach Jekyll island Ga

sea turtle Sea Turtle center Jekyll Island Ga

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Maritime forrest path

Maritime Forrest path pic courtesy of http://www.goldenisles.com/activity/hiking-walking

Jekyll Island Miniature Golf

Jekyll island mini golf

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